The BFG Hemi Cuda Poster Car!

By Roland Osborne


I have had the privilege of participating in the birth of the Chrysler Performance movement since the late ’60s.  My first brand new car was a ’68 Road Runner w/383 four speed.  When I got out of the service in 1972 I found a 426 Hemi ’66 Coronet 500 four speed for sale with a spare Hemi on a pallet. I paid $925 for the complete package and drove the car home.  A year later I bought a ’70 black on black four speed HemiCuda shaker hood car w/23,000 original miles for $1400.

In late ’74 a fellow student at Michigan State University and I started the National Hemi Owners Association.  From that matriculated the Mopar Muscle Club, the founding of dozens of other Mopar clubs, the Mopar Nationals and Chrysler Power Magazine.

From Chrysler Power Magazine came Mopar Collectors Guide and half a dozen other Mopar-only magazines as the parts and cars feeding-frenzy grew.

Today we see many of the HemiCars commanding collector prices in the millions.  It should be no surprise that the most recognized HemiCuda of all time — the one that the media, the restorers and the collectors look to… should be offered for only $10 million.  Get out your check book and become the proud owner of the most supreme piece of automotive collector history ever…The BFG Hemi Cuda PosterCar

OrderNowButtonIf you’re not quite ready to spead $10 Million to own this famous BFG Hemi Cuda...Chrysler Power and Bosak have come up with the next best thing that everyone can afford — a new release of the famous BFGoodrich Hemi Cuda Poster/Banner. A 3' x1' Poster is available to order now in our webstore for just $9.95. A 6' x 2' Vinyl Banner for $79 or a big 9' x 3' for $99.


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