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Chrysler Power • PO Box 206 • Sapulpa, OK 74067 • (607) 261-1255

5 copies $2.75 each + $8 shipping (priority flat rate)
11-49 copies $2.75 each + $16 shipping (priority flat rate)
50+ copies $2.75 each + $20 shipping (up to 100 priority flat rate)

Retail Price per copy is $7

Purchase 5 magazines for $21.75 (with shipping)
Sell 5 magazines for $35 (at full retail of $7) you make $13.25

Purchase 50 magazines for $157.50 (with shipping)
Sell 50 magazines for $7 each you make $192.50.

This can also be a great fundraising tool!

Become a Magazine Outlet!

Purchase bulk copies for:

  • $2.75 each + S&H (Min. 6 copies)
  • Countertop display rack $7 + S&H

You can resell or give away copies at your discretion. We are building our Magazine Distribution Network of “Outlets” for Chrysler Power Magazine. If you have a Car Club, Car Event, Car Dealership, Parts Store, anywhere that Chyrsler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar fans come around, then you are who we are looking for to “share the love” of our magazine. Our Distributors will receive bulk copies (in the quantity specified) sent directly to them from the printer for each issue as they come off the press! Emailed electronic invoices will be the preferred method of payment at press time for each issue.

We will be sending customers to your outlet as inquires come to us on where to purchase magazines in their area. Your outlet will also be listed on our website.

Additional copies may be purchased in our webstore as needed for any issue that is still available.


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