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RolandAs the result of Harris Publications shutting down Mopar Action, Cliff Gromer (MA Editor) and Roland Osborne have been in serious discussions regarding the ongoing editorial package of MA loved by so many Mopar enthusiasts… As of this writing, after long and thoughtful discussions with advertisers, newsstand consultants, and editorial staff, Chrysler Power will joyfully fulfill all remaining MA subs exposure, advertising contracts and editorial calendar… continuing the very successful MA newsstand circulation presence under the Chrysler Power bipad (required by current newsstand policies)…

We are all extremely excited to see these longtime friends, Cliff & Roland, bringing their passion for the Mopar enthusiast community together, teaming up through print, internet and social media to continue to promote ALL THINGS MOPAR!!! Since 1983 Chrysler Power has set the pace for Mopar devotee enthusiasm. Before that Roland Osborne had founded the National Hemi Owners Association in 1975 and Mopar Muscle in 1978, followed by Chrysler Performance Parts Association in late 1979. All the major Mopar oriented events like Indy, Columbus, Englishtown, Carlisle, Woodley, Farmington, Rockingham etc, Osborne had some sort of hand in.

When he founded Chrysler Power Magazine in 1983 it was by sheer determination and passion. There was no road map for a Mopar magazine and Chrysler Power Magazine set the pace and the benchmark for advertising, subscriptions and newsstand sales. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out just how hard it was to put 100,000 copies of an all Chrysler magazine on the newsstands let alone that Chrysler Power set the pace for five other Mopar magazines to spring up years later throughout the late ’80’s. Today Chrysler Power continues to set the bar-and that’s high! Un-ashamedly “Family Friendly,” Chrysler Power has forged back into the forefront just a few short months after it re-emerged from a 13 year hiatus due to a major tragedy. Phenomenal subscription interest, tremendous advertiser loyalty, complete new newsstand efforts with the original newsstand circulation company Curtis, and stories by the finest and most articulate Mopar story tellers on the planet, Chrysler Power powered back… May we humbly say a grateful “thank you.”

Boasting over 100,000 viewers, using Facebook, twitter, Pininterest, you tube, internet, radio, tv and print circulation statistics, please check out our new ad rates before they rise again. Circulation drives ad rates and with Curtis’ aggressive newsstand, subscription and internet circulation efforts, get on contract now…
—Roland Osborne

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